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August 2014: Alien Nation

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 The Wicked Come is an exciting explosion of new Gothic, Horror and Dark Romantic works. This site features dark poetry ranging from the  unnatural to the undesirable and exploring the dark side of humanity.

We also showcase film shorts from up and coming horror directors with a special horror film review section. As well as beautifully, atmospheric crafted Gothic photographs. 

Dead Space

Alien Invasion

If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans... Stephen Hawkings

The U.S. Government hasn't maintained secrecy regarding UFOs. It's been leaking out all over the place. But the way it's been handled is by denial, by denying the truth of the documents that have leaked. By attempting to show them as fraudulent, as bogus of some sort. There has been a very large disinformation and misinformation effort around this whole area. And one must wonder, how better to hide something out in the open than just to say, 'It isn't there. You're deceiving yourself if you think this is true.' And yet, there it is right in front of you... Dr. Edgar  Mitchell, lunar module pilot of Apollo 14

After I give lectures--on almost any subject--I am often asked, "Do you believe in UFOs?" I'm always struck by how the question is phrased, the suggestion that this is a matter of belief and not evidence. I'm almost never asked, "How good is the evidence that UFOs are alien spaceships?"...Carl Sagan, The Demon Haunted World, 1995

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The Wicked Come is an exciting, exotic  collection of Dark Romantic and Gothic Horror poetry from the horror writer P.J.Reed.

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The Black Rose of Winter is a poetic voyage through the turbulent storms of heartbreak and beyond. The poems in this anthology have been carefully gathered from the four corners of the world. They will make you laugh, cry and experience all the raw emotions of love gone wrong. However, they will also give you hope and belief in the quest for love.

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