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The Wicked Come by P.J. Reed

The Wicked Come is an exploration of the darker side of humanity. Each character has their own dark tale to share, their lives unravelling before the reader in minimalistic, deadly verses.

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Pretty Wicked Creatures by P.J. Reed

Pretty Wicked Creatures is a selection of Gothic horror/ dark poems regarding the women and she-monsters of urban myth. Beautiful women get away with gruesome murders, you have been warned.

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P.J. Reed is a writer and poet from England. She holds a BAEd from Canterbury Christ Church University,  an MA from Bradford University and has dabbled in psychology with the OU. She is an outrageously eclectic writer.

Her work has appeared in a wide variety of online and print magazines, books, and collections, including Five to One magazine, Ealain magazine, Indiana Voice Journal, Whirlwind, cattails, and the Haiku Journal. In 2015 she was shortlisted for the National Poetry Anthology award.

She has published one collection of dark romantic and Gothic horror poetry entitled The Wicked Come. 

Her high fantasy novel The Torcian Chronicles will be published in 2017.

As a counterbalance to her dark writing, P.J. also writes of the beauty and ethereal nature of the changing countryside in her series of haiku inspired collections. 

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Just Flotsam

She wandered, through the waves
Flowing with the breeze,
I followed sinking footsteps
Left in a crumbling sand.

Slowly, she turned and smiled at me
Soft eyes glowing in the melting sun,
As one pale hand slipped into mine
And the sea melted away to black.
One salted kiss and then we parted
Just flotsam in a restless sea.

I headed for the land
To a solitary harbour inn
Shedding shades of disrepair,
Herded to that darkened corner

For the lonely and the lost
I shivered in the chilling breeze
A single tear drop fell and crashed
Into my empty glass as silently
I pleaded for my sanity as
She floated through the door.

By P.J.Reed ©2014


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