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The Wicked Come

“Ideal for Halloween. Beautifully written, horror poems” 

The Wicked Come is a collection of Dark Romantic, Fantasy and Gothic Horror poetry from the speculative writer and poet P.J.Reed.

Welcome to the World of P.J.Reed

P.J.Reed is a writer and poet from England. She holds a BAEd from Canterbury Christ Church University and a MA from Bradford University. 

She writes mainly in the dark romantic, supernatural and horror genres. Her work is found in many anthologies and speculative writing guides.

She has been published in several poetry reviews such as the Five 2 One magazine.

She has published one collection of poetry entitled The Wicked Come.


I close my front door
And shed my mask
Normal no longer
The veil has gone
Heart beats fast… then slow
Will I hear the
Final beat tonight?
Hours stream past
At kitchen table
Eating tikka,
Was chicken cooked?
Was rice too cold?
Did I serve death 
On a dinner plate?
Heart beats jump and fall
My arm goes numb
Sparks shoot through my
Bow stringed nerves,
Could this be MS
Or just a cramp.
Then headache hits me
Like a hammer
Brain disorder 
Or worse disease
My bed of pain calls
Softly to me
I carry myself
To my resting place
Descend into darkness
Screaming for help
Which is sicker?
Body or soul.
I count my heartbeats
And try to sleep.

by P.J. Reed © 2014



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