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April 2014: Creepy Dolls


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My Name is Talky Tina...

Scary Dolls

My name is Talky Tina, and I don't think I like you...The Twilight Zone, episode 126, "Living Doll"

The previous owners of this doll would probably have some spine-chilling stories to tell. You know, if they hadn't disappeared without a trace... ForumWarz

You know you've made it when you've been moulded in miniature plastic. But you know what children do with Barbie dolls - it's a bit scary, actually ... Cate Blanchett



Brown hair faded,

Grey then left,

Dark eyes, amber

Beads of hate.

Baggy face twisted,

White with rage

From Gaping mouth,

Dripped poisoned words

As evil thoughts

Inside him stirred.

Around him air

Darkened with spite

As in day

He brought night.


Large  hands gripped

A  primal doll,

Its body; twigs

With white wrappings

 Twisted, tightly bound,

 Splintering in death.

Rudely pointing arms

Broke and crushed

In his grasp.

Its bead eyes

Glassy amber flashes.

Green moss hair,

Now dried brown

Flaked and fell.


Slyly, he opened,

Stolen sewing box

Of simple pine.

Removed three rusting

Bead headed  pins.

Humming, he struck

At dolls' head,

Wished employers dead,

Never gave him

Job he deserved.

Next in eye,

Friends waving goodbye,

Vague lost faces,

In his mind.


Took final red

Glass beaded pin.

Pricked finger; bled

Drops of red,

Fell onto white

Of little doll.

Violently, he thrust

Last brown pin

Into dolls' heart,

Cursed his family,

Old and young,

They never gave

Him total love

Or enough money.


Lightning struck inside

His dissolving mind,

Amber eyes flashed

As darkness fell,

Clutched his heart,

Beating too fast,

Little doll dropped,

Smashed against floor,

Bald head lolling,

Amber eyes bulging,

Open mouth frozen

In final scream.

As wet red

Halo encircled head.


Man and doll

Collapsed on floor. 



Rainbow Reed © 2011

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