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The Wicked Come by P.J. Reed

the wicked come by pjreed

The Wicked Come by P.J.Reed
“Ideal for Halloween and fright nights. Beautifully written, horror poems”
The poems in this collection are beautifully descriptive, well-crafted snapshots of the lives of people inhabiting the shadowlands of civilised society.
This collection is an exploration of the darker side of humanity. The consequences of one sided love affairs and how obsession can easily turn to murder.
Readers of P.J.Reed’s work are introduced to a variety of characters inhabiting a dystopian society: the gourmet detective, the doctor with unusual hobbies, the unnatural gardener and the too ardent lovers. Each character has their own dark tale to share, their lives unravelling before the reader in minimalistic, deadly verses.

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P.J. Reed is a writer and poet from England. She holds a BAEd from Canterbury Christ Church University and an MA from Bradford University.

She writes dark speculative fiction based on sinister fantasy worlds where the natural crashes against the supernatural. P.J. also writes her own uniquely dark romantic poetry. Her work is found in many anthologies, prefaces, and speculative writing guides. As a counterbalance to her dark writing, P.J. also writes of the beauty and ethereal nature of the changing countryside in her series of haiku inspired collections.

She has been published in a variety of international poetry reviews including the Hourglass, cattails, the Haiku Journal, Five 2 One and Zapp magazines. P.J. has also embraced the electronic age and had her work published in online Zines such as Mythical Poetry and Degenerate Literature.

She has published one collection of dark romantic and Gothic horror poetry entitled The Wicked Come.

Her first haiku collection, Haiku Nation, is a breathtaking collection of powerful modern haiku which challenges the reader to seek out and see the world afresh.

Her latest haiku work entitled, Frozen Haiku is a thought-provoking collection of imaginative, visually stunning haiku.  This collection explores the magical transformations, discoveries, and interactions with nature as winter tightens her grip over the sleeping landscape. 

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Asian Flowers: An illustration from the book Haiku Nation

Frozen Haiku by P.J. Reed

Frozen Haiku is a thought-provoking collection of imaginative, visually stunning haiku from the contemporary English poet P.J. Reed. This collection explores the magical transformations, discoveries, and interactions with nature as winter tightens her grip over the sleeping landscape.

The world in winter is an enchanted place. P.J. Reed has studied the changes of winter and its effects on the countryside, wildlife, and people. This study has resulted in a breathtaking series of moments of beauty and savagery captured forever in her fresh, crisp verse, ‘a glance of sunshine’ is a fascinating example of a beautiful image captured and shared. As well as a season of transformations, P.J. Reed feels winter to be a time of loneliness as people and animals shelter from the cold and a wintry quietness settles over the frozen countryside. The emptiness and loneliness of winter are found in her reflective, emotive haiku such as ‘I walk on cloud tops’ and ‘night time once more’. The concise, contemporary freshness of P.J.’s verse is well suited to the beauty of traditional haiku. This is the second book in her haiku collection.

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