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'Til Death Unparted

He woke to scents of lavender

tied in a lilac ribbon,
flowers on his pillow
a soft hand at his cheek.
She whispered love forever
   And his life fell apart.
Morning spoke of love refound,
sunlight sailed across the room
but dreams of softest moments
melted in the heating sun.
Cold voices raised in anger and
he watched in a helpless dream
as he pushed her-
she flew downstairs
   And his life fell apart.
She shook away the dampness
her blood powdered to dust.
She had tried to leave him once-
his love had proved too strong.
Now he cried and begged to part
as he clutched his racing heart.
She smiled as the walls bled red
happier now she was undead
and watching him
   And his life fell apart.
by P.J. Reed © 2016


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