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Dream Girl

She floats
Outside my window.
Calls softly
In my dreams.
Tells me I am
Not alone.
Black dress fluttering
All about her.
Glowing face of
Finest silk.
Watching me through
Shimmery veil.
Scratches window with
Sharpened nails.
Bright eyes begging,
Long tongue licking
Caressing blackened
Rosebud lips.
Waking in a
Dreaming world,
I open window
She flies

Vision of beauty.
A waning moon.
Drawn from cracks
Inside my mind.
Beckons me with
Long sleeve flapping.
To creaky windowsill.
She jumps
Into darkness.
Sounds of flight.
I follow
Desperate to belong.
Gusts of hope
Blow by.
I jump.
I fall.
The path bleeds red.
As smiling sweetly,
She swoops
To feed.

By P.J. Reed © 2010

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Victim of a gothic vampire. Sublime piece. Love the way her mind is tricked into following then falling. Genius. 

A follow up poem would be good, on the victim being given the chance of being a vamp or dying? by Nick Armbrister

"Beautifully crafted.................liked it"  Suman Kumar Das

"Great writing! Nicely done!"  Colleen Courtney


"A Beautifully descriptive poem about a vision with a delightful vampire twist. You set the mood with a minimum of words in this efficiently written poem.... " Ethereal

"It is easy to lavish flowery praise P.J...but words should say what they need word only about Dream Girl: Beautiful ♥

"I loved this poem I see the mystical goddess like creature who likes to come visit us during the witching hour on the full moon she is wickedly divine I'm glad I'm not the only one that's seen this invitingly precious creature... " Ravenluna 69

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