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How Do You Like It?

I had a review posted today by a woman blogger and I think she likes it vanilla… which is slightly awkward.

The review was positive, and I thank her for it as it mentioned good character building, great monsters, and world building but she was unhappy because the characters in my book appeared to have ‘odd relationships with one another.’

Yes, indeed they do.

The Torcian Chronicles being a YA dark fantasy does not have sex scenes in it – I follow the mantra of keep it clean for the teen.

However, there are hints of naughtiness for the more adult reader to decode.

 If you are looking for Twilightesque lovelorn teenagers filled with hormonal angst, who end up marrying and living happily ever after – this is seriously not the book for you.  The hints of relationships dropped in this book are more along the lines of ‘wooing a mate according to the Game of Thrones.’  These hints are usually dropped as innocuous one-line sentences which are seemingly innocent unless you have a darker more interesting side, I think my shocker reviewer might have picked up on a couple.

All I can say is… if you think these hints are bad wait until my freaky adult horror drops next year – it makes grown men blush.

Anyway, for those of an adventurous mind, I would like to suggest you pay particular attention to the Aebleakan Archer Captain who literally has men trembling at her feet, Shadral’s adoration of Mesham, and Captain Sicam ‘heartthrob and serial womaniser’ who ends up tied to a table by a real man-eater. To name but a few of the odd relationships in this book.

If anyone has worked out any of the odd relationships in this book – please enjoy them!

For further details read the book at ‘The Torcian Chronicles.’

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