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If you want some magic in your life, open a fantasy novel.

Sometimes life is hard. It kicks you to the floor, you struggle to get to your feet again and then life punches you in the face. It takes away the things you the most – partners, pets, self-confidence, or happiness, and leaves you empty. You end up just lying on the floor, thinking why is this happening to me?
These are the times when you need to escape from your life and enter the realms of fantasy. Fantasy gives you freedom from all your earthly ties and lets you explore new galaxies, races, and ‘to boldly go where no man has gone before.’
Good fantasy excites and challenges you on an intellectual and emotional level.
 New languages can be experienced and even learnt. There are exceptional people in the sci-fi community who can actually speak Klingon and other people who have learnt the Tolkien’s elvish phrases. Why some study the philosophy behind the fantasy, the use of genetic engineering to create greater humans and the consequences of such endeavours as in Gene Roddenberry’s ‘Andromeda.’ These are fascinating glimpses into new realities and an intellectual diversion from one’s own.
On the book front, the importance of fantasy books can be seen in the popularity of the genre.
The Telegraph reported in April 2017 – “today we're in the middle of an unprecedented fantasy boom. Sales continue to rise year on year and it is now the biggest genre in publishing, dwarfing its former powerhouse cousin, science fiction, and the once-ubiquitous romance. The more rational the world gets, with super-science all around us, the more we demand the irrational in our fiction.”
While the top 4 books in the Wikipedia list of all-time best-selling books are all fantasy novels.
Therefore, if you want some magic in your life, open a fantasy novel.
P.J. Reed author of ‘The Torcian Chronicles.'

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