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Of Fantasy Authors and Rock Cocerts

Life as an author is weird and often expected. The same can probably be true of authors in general particularly those of the fantasy disposition, who are not known for their attachment to the constricting boundaries of reality. That being said when asked to venture away from the chains of their fantasy life for the fantasy author usually goes rather abstract. So, while most authors are flocking to the studious literary festivals such as Budleigh and Hay this summer –  the fantasy crew of the EAA and I have been invited to perform at a music festival!

I took recorder lessons at primary school, so I feel very well equipped for this.

I really do not know how many other genre writers would be asked to go this but as a fantasy author, it's usually a case of they are weird enough already and will undoubtedly attract an audience.

Of course, I jumped at the chance to channel my inner Billy-Jo Armstrong. Fortuitously, for any prospective audience, I will not be reliving the glory days of school recorder ensemble – I am coming as a fantasy author doing living my book in the guise of a performance artist. This should be interesting as ‘The Torcian Chronicles’ is a dark fantasy, sword and sorcery adventure full of lethal monsters, evil villains, and desperate battles for survival- quite, a challenge to recreate in a marquee in the middle of a music festival.

However, nefarious plans are underfoot involving robes, black cloaks, explosions, and dry ice.

 A touch of Torcia will be descending on one unsuspecting music festival this summer – enjoy and prepare to enter a darker magical world of warlocks, magical creatures, and intrigue.

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