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Reporting from the Bath Comic-con

Well, this week I was at the inaugural Bath Comic-con. I was slightly worried that I would get so lost I would miss the entire show but in a completely unexpected turn of events, I got to the Pavilion on time and without getting lost.

I set up my little epic dark fantasy stall on the Exeter Authors Association Fantasy Department row with Jennifer Ash (Robin Hood author) and Richard Dee (Sci-fi and steampunk). Then watched as snow poured from the sky. I was slightly concerned on 3 parts

  1. Would I make it home again?
  2. Would I be having an unscheduled weekend break in Bath?
  3. Would anyone be willing to trek through the snow and come?

The doors opened promptly, and a deluge of people poured in. So much so the entrance featuring the messenger owls of Harry Potter and a couple of baby Velociraptors was packed and barely shuffled along at times. Fortunately, in the event of a fire spell being cast, my books and I would be perfectly safe as we were opposite the fire exit!

One of the high lights of comic-cons for me is meeting the cosplayers. This comic-con held a box full of surprises.  Chewbacca was in a cheeky mood and pulled my hair and then blamed it on some stewards! Unfortunately, being 7 feet tall - stealth actions do not work so well…

I also met Boba Fett who was having a day off from bounty collections.

The coolest costumes were a heavily built guy in a beard dressed up as Princess Leila and Alistair from Bristol was decided to do an anti-cosplay cosplay by dressing up in a cardboard box with armholes. In a world of Star Wars, Harry Potter, and anime characters this box caused a big stir and whispered rumours of box trolls.  It takes a lot to stand out as special in a comic-con and these two did, so much respect to them.

I also met the lovely Colin Baker, a beautiful soul, and discussed the seemingly innocuous experiences that had had massive implications on our lives and set us down the path of acting and writing.  

Further, on my travels, as I refuse to be tied to my book table, I met Clive Russell from Game of Thrones and other TV series. He was also very interesting to talk to with an inquiring sharp mind. Apparently, according to my daughter, he played a mean character in GoT but I found him very pleasant.

When I was forced to return to my book table I met some fascinating followers of high fantasy. One question that I had never been asked before was what world is The Torcian Chronicles set on?

Which I will answer for the curious -

The Torcian Chronicles is actually set on Earth. According to multiverse theory, every action taken creates a whole new reality and universe. The Torcian Chronicles is set in an alternative Earth reality where society stayed in the Feudal times with warriors wielding bows, swords, and great war machines such as trebuchets. The society did not need to advance anymore technically because they had one element we do not have in this reality – faulstan crystals. The power behind all magic and the reason for the invasion of Torcia. For great magic requires great sacrifice.

By P.J. Reed author of The Torcian Chronicles

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