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The Wicked Come by P.J. Reed

The Wicked Come is an exploration of the darker side of humanity. Each character has their own dark tale to share, their lives unravelling before the reader in minimalistic, deadly verses.

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Robbed at the Cricket Club

Bath Cricket Club Car Park Review -

One of the worst car parks I have ever used in my life.

I bought a ticket in good faith put it on my car window. Then left my car - to be honest I could have abandoned it sideways, on its roof in the middle of a roundabout and it would have caused less problems. I wondered why the car park was empty on a Sunday. 
Now I know why. 

I was parking in the Bath equivalent of Hell's Kitchen. Little did I know - the car was going to be held ransom by the infamous Parking Eye, who decided I had not paid for my ticket. I scanned them a copy of my ticket and sent it to them. I then got an email back saying my number plate was wrong. I replied stating it matched the photo they took of my car. I then got an email back stating I had not given them enough information and would need to pay for illegal use of their car park. Obviously, a paid parking ticket with a correct number plate typed into it was not enough evidence. What would be? A video of me buying said ticket and putting the ticket on my windscreen? A Notary Public tied to my car bonnet to swear legally he saw me paying for said ticket? Or perhaps a drone tracking and recording my every move?

I complained to POPLA but they rejected the concept of a valid parking ticket being relevant to the car park. I contacted the cricket club - who were obviously too busy playing with their little balls and long sticks to answer my email/ messages. 
So I am now left with a £25 fine for a parking space I paid £13 for and left with over an hour to spare. Consequently, I would recommend this car park to everyone who has so much money they just want to threw it away.

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