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The Red Shirt Effect

I do enjoy watching rather off-centre films particularly the sci-fi post-apocalyptic ones which are on offer on Netflix – I am also quite partial to the small budget, independent ones. They all have something to offer even if they are hated on ‘Rotten Tomatoes’. However, the last two films I watch…

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Robbed at the Cricket Club

Bath Cricket Club Car Park Review -

One of the worst car parks I have ever used in my life.

I bought a ticket in good faith put it on my car window. Then left my car - to be honest I could have abandoned it sideways, on its roof in the middle of a roundabout and it would have caused less probl…

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5 Minutes with P.J. Reed

Could you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?
I write speculative fiction based on fantasy worlds filled with magic, intrigue and adventure. My writing spills into dark fantasy worlds of sword and sorcery, magic and mayhem. I also write very slowly, this five-minute inte…

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The Hut Experience

One advantage of doing writers-in-residence placements is that you get to see some amazing out-of-the-way places. Places normally hidden from view and lost to the world. The Artist’s Cabin at Bucks Mills, Woolsery, situated

on the wild North Devon coast was no exemption. It stands clinging tenta…

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Evolution of my Writing

I have been looking at my website Deliciously Wicked Poetry and I have realised my writing has been quietly evolving on its own and I had not noticed it. It is all very strange! I used to write purely dark romantic, Gothic Horror poetry which was an easily defined label.
Now I am loving the pure ro…

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The Haiku Journal

One of my haiku has been accepted into the Haiku Journal! This is the first time my haiku has been published in a journal so I am very happy and not a little relieved.

Here is my wistful 1am haiku from last night

the wind brings sadness
drags my mind through starless nights
thoughts of frien…

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Haiku Tears

I had a lovely response to my haiku reading. One artist read my first two haikus and cried as they touched her on an emotional plain. I was delighted that she was able to connect with my poetry as being a poet you hope for an emotional reaction to your work but I never dreamt someone would have such…

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Poetry Successes

Usually when it comes to submitting poetry to open poetry calls i have around a 10% acceptance rate. I think and hope this is quite normal and on the positive side suffering is a prerequisite for good writing, therefore I try to think of the positive outcomes of rejections. This week I have been ext…

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