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Just Flotsam

She wandered, through the waves
Flowing with the breeze,
I followed sinking footsteps
Left in a crumbling sand.

Slowly, she turned and smiled at me
Soft eyes glowing in the melting sun,
As one pale hand slipped into mine
And the sea melted away to black.
One salted kiss and then we parted
Just flotsam in a restless sea.

I headed for the land
To a solitary harbour inn
Shedding shades of disrepair,
Herded to that darkened corner

For the lonely and the lost
I shivered in the chilling breeze
A single tear drop fell and crashed
Into my empty glass as silently
I pleaded for my sanity as
She floated through the door.

By P.J. Reed ©2014

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lovely sue b

"Beautiful!" by Sagar D Rebel

"Wow, beautiful and spooky!xx" by Karen Fromtod

"very good write that flowed beautifully" by buggles

"Mesmerising, I like this, well done." by Martin James

"A great write"  by Allen s566

"Wonderful. Liked." by Goldfinch 60

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