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Ghost Girl

In the darkness
The room bled red
Grey shadows jumped.
Poked and prodded
Curtains shivered
In icy breaths
As screaming voices

Doors slammed shut
Closed their eyes
Melted to the wall.
Running footsteps rang
Wading through the
Sinking carpet
And stairs fell
Away to

Oak wardrobe opened
Wide its arms,
Hidden under dusty
Hills of velvet,
She dissolved
Away to nothing,
Floating through the

By P.J. Reed ©2013

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"Reminds me a little of Dylan Thomas in a strange way I can't explain. Thanks for sharing"... John

 "A superior piece of supernatural splendidly written"...Andrew

 "A vivid depiction , nice write.:o]xx"...Gaza

"An excellent starter, I like the alliteration especially. More please"... Thomas Norman

"Well written welcome : ) x"...Hx

"A harrowing read. really well penned :)"...S34N

"I can see how that sort of style could be incorporated into a novel!"... Colette Breeze

"This always happened when I got a women back to my flat! Oh hum...Nice write"... Bun

 "Welcome dear poet. Haunting read well woven"... Jessie x