Crime, Paranormal, and Horror Writing

Girl Unmade

A stranger's face smiled,
Eyeshadow, metallic blue
Blinked and gazed;
Scented candles cowered,
Lavender run
Through the air.
As under icy breaths,
Tiny flames flickered.
Face in mirror faded.
Hidden under frosted mists,
It leered at her.

She stood reviled,
In waterfalls of pain.
Metallic tears fell
From dissolving face,
False eyelashes,
Flew away,
As rouged cheeks
Gurgled down the drain,
But still, she kept,
On washing.
Then slowly,
Taps turned westwards,
Water ebbed away,
And the empty
Mirror stared.

By P.J. Reed  ©2012 

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