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The Wicked Come by P.J. Reed

The Wicked Come is an exploration of the darker side of humanity. Each character has their own dark tale to share, their lives unravelling before the reader in minimalistic, deadly verses.

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Charlie Kuhn..."I think your website is well done and I've enjoyed your poetry. You're obviously talented. It's nice to see that I am not alone writing about the darker things in life." 2010

 Krystal Asher..."I personally thank you for developing a haven for those that discern, appreciate, and find a macabre beauty in the broken, the horrific, and the insane; you stand unafraid of releasing the side of humanity hidden in darkness that is forgotten by those whom are so terrified of its existence they pretend there is no darkness as they sleep with the hall light burning...Thank you." 2012

Glyn P... "You don't scare me!" 2014.... Well I should...

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