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Lady In Black

She follows me from room to room,
Footsteps echoing in the gloom.
Softly her boots tap up the stair,
Scents of lavender fill the air.
In mirrored reflections, she waits,
Her fractured face just stares and hates.
I catch glimpses of her long black dress,
Wrapped tightly in a loving caress.
Then she vanishes into a mist,
I breathe in the air that she kissed.
Black eyes watch as in bed I lie,
They laugh and tease, I slowly die.
No one believes that she is there,
Just following me everywhere.
I can never be at  rest,
Chained forever to my silent guest.

By P.J. Reed ©2011

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"Lovely write.nice expression"... Ramesh Rai

"Pretty eerie, "I breathed the air you kissed" Great phrase."

"A great poem, a dark reflection. Beautifully flowing from beginning to end ...Dave Walker

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