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P.J. Reed

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Pretty Wicked Creatures is a selection of Gothic horror and dark poetry from the contemporary English poet P.J. Reed. 

In this collection, P.J. Reed has gathered together mistresses of the macabre, wicked and downright dangerous to create a spine-chilling collection of dark horror poetry. Within these pages, you will discover a bloodcurdling selection of poems ranging from the darkest side of romance to contemporary psychological and terror poetry that will leave you uneasily looking over your shoulder. 

The heroines in this collection are the strong, angry women taken from modern urban myths and old world legends who hunt in a darker world, stalking their human victims through the centuries. 

Beautiful women get away with murder, you have been warned. 

An Excerpt - Lady In Black

She follows me from room to room,
Footsteps echoing in the gloom.
Softly her boots tap up the stair,
Scents of lavender fill the air.
In mirrored reflections, she waits,
Her fractured face just stares and hates.
I catch glimpses of long black dress,
Wrapped tightly in loving caress.
Then vanishes into a mist,
I breathe in the air that she kissed.
Black eyes watch as in bed I lie,
They laugh and tease, I slowly die.
No one believes that she is there,
Just following me everywhere.
I can never be at  rest,
Chained forever to my silent guest.

By P.J. Reed 

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Pretty Wicked Creatures

48 pages

Azoth Khem Publishing

August  2016


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Review by Sapphire

If you love the world of horror, fear and scares then this is the book for you. It's truly fantastic. P.J. Reed brings the pages to life! The poetry in this book leaves you feeling a chill and you never know what's behind you...

Highly recommend!
Especially as Halloween is coming up! *****'
by Sapphire

Review by Xtina Marie

Being a poet myself, I love poetry! This book does not disappoint! I will be seeking out more writing by Reed.

Review by Azazel

'I really enjoyed this. The poetry is wicked sometimes sinister, sometimes strange and sometimes downright scary. The poems involve the women from urban myth and ancient legends that you don't want to meet. They are bad, they are deadly and they are after you. Women with a really bad, killer attitude.
In this book, you are introduced to many women included the delicious and deranged Bloody Mary, Lilith the predator's predator and the mysterious lady in black.
I particularly liked the way P.J. Reed used different poetry styles, each style suiting the actions of the antiheroine she was writing about.
A scary, creepy read.'

by Azazel