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Princess Lollipop

Blonde curls, hugged face so fair,
Prettily standing there.
Barbie dress; splattered red.
Tabby cat - lay quite dead.
But she was not to blame,
Cat had spoiled her game.

Her classmates were very bad,
Giggling mad princess mad,
They did not understand,
Or obey her command
Luckily the class burnt down,
Wicked whispers through the town.
Lollipop loved art,
Drew pictures from the heart.
A severed dripping head,
Some teachers lying dead.
Specialist came to call,
She was too good for school.
Blonde child with precious heart,
Heard the screams with a start.
Her Mom lay in the hall,
Pa plastered on the wall,
Lollipop went to play,
And put her pink shotgun away.

by P.J. Reed © 2011

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"I enjoyed this finely written dark poem. wonderful work! " Scott

"I just loved the suspense and the wicked twist this poem gave you WOW very vivid loved it you’re are very deep dark but humble thanks..." By Ravenluna69

Sounds like my little cousin.
I'll be on the watch..." By Echo V. Hawthorne

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