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The Cottage Garden

The cottage sat daintily in the lane.
Glistening in the warm May rain,
Russet roof tiles glowed orange and gold,
In patchwork of encroaching mould.
The red brick chimney reached tall and proud,
Chimney pots smoking lost in cloud
While the modified ivy twisted and grew.
Surrounded by a sweet, soft petal shore,
Flowers clawed at the front door.
Black velvet tulips stood aloft and tall,
Dicentra bled by garden wall.
Yellow pansies frowned garish and loud,
Forget- me-nots made  blue shroud
While the modified ivy twisted and grew.
Framed by the perfect pansy border,
Green grasses waved to order,
Dark emerald blades cut short and neat,
Bowed at trees restless feet.
Magnolia rose and filled the sky
Shielding all from passers by
As the modified ivy grew twisting.
Magnolia moved in the breeze,
Tear drops sparkled on the leaves,
Branches tentatively tapped the wall,
Small red drips began to fall,
Splashed the blossoms crimson upon white,
Made a very pretty sight.
As twisted the modified ivy grew.
At shuttered window, the woman stared,
Saw a hummingbird and glared.
It settled in the shimmering vine coil
Squawked and fell onto the soil.
Deep brown  spotted, golden vine  trickled red,
As poor hummingbird lay dead.
As modified and twisted the ivy grew.
The creeper crept with serpentine skill,
Moving towards the windowsill,
Brown mottled vine merged with  shadowy light
Yellow eyes and hunters sight.
It found the woman watching from windowsill,
Crushed her; such an easy kill,
And modified and twisted the ivy grew.

By P.J.Reed ©2010

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"I love how deep and dark and mysteriously wicked this poem is very intriguing I love the imagery you get by reading this poem Thanks for sharing..." By Ravenluna69

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