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Tales from Thorny Ridge

Welcome to Thorny Ridge 

The stories are set around the wicked, supernatural, and strange events that befall a small town in the US called Thorny Ridge.

Thorny Ridge is beset by troubles, unsolved murders, strange creatures and even stranger, more sinister humans. 

These short stories bear witness to the horrific events at Thorny Ridge and ask the reader to become detective and piece together the mystery and end the suffering of its besieged inhabitants.

Book One: ANNA


P.J. Reed
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The first story is of Anna, a single mother working the late shift at the Candy Shack on Saturday night. This is the story of how her life was changed forever one Halloween when a strange man enters the Candy Shack and asks her if anything unusual has happened that night. She answers no little realising the events that were about to unfold. 

An Extract: 
'The shop door jiggled announcing the arrival of a late customer. Anna did not look up from her magazine. She heard footsteps crossing the shop floor and silently slid her fingers to the panic button hidden under the countertop. No normal customers visited the Candy Shack after dark. The man coughed quietly and she looked up, smiling uncertainly, trying to avoid any potential problems. If strung out people had the munchies, they could take whatever they wanted. She was not going to die for the sake of a Hersey’s bar. The man looked out of place. He wore a grey suit and tie as if he had come straight from a business meeting. Anna’s customers were never suited. He stared down at Anna, grey steel eyes penetrating through her, 
‘I’ll have one of those, please,’ he pointed to a selection of Halloween trick or treat candies, ‘Halloween, gets all the weirdo’s onto the street.’ He smiled at Anna, ‘any problems tonight?’ 
Anna gave him his change and shook her head. Since the six o’clock rush it had been deathly quiet. 
He nodded a thank you and left the shop, incongruously carrying the colourful tub of candies. 
Once safety outside the Candy Shack he put his hand to his earpiece and muttered, 
‘Target five unharmed, moving to target six.’ 
The radio sputtered and crackled, ‘Roger that, move to target six.' 

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'An evil little book featuring the strange and sinister. I really enjoyed these wicked little poems' by Sapphire


12 pages

Lost Tower Publications

January 2016


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