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Tales from Thorny Ridge

Welcome to Thorny Ridge 

The stories are set around the wicked, supernatural, and strange events that befall a small town in the US called Thorny Ridge.

Thorny Ridge is beset by troubles, unsolved murders, strange creatures and even stranger, more sinister humans. 

These short stories bear witness to the horrific events at Thorny Ridge and ask the reader to become detective and piece together the mystery and end the suffering of its besieged inhabitants.

Book One: ARTHUR


P.J. Reed
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The story of Arthur is the second visit to Thorny Ridge. Arthur is a self-confessed psychopath. Unfortunately, Thorny Ridge already harbours its own homegrown psychopath and this is the story of when Arthur met The Butcher. 

An Extract: 
Mary-Lou smoothed down her pink apron, grabbed her order pad from the top of the counter, licked the top of her pencil and approached the stranger. City folk meant money, something Thorny Ridge rarely saw. 
'What'll it be, sugar, our specials are grilled chicken sandwiches, bacon cheesy fries and double cheesy burgers.' 
Arthur looked at the sweaty waitress and revulsion welled up inside him. He swallowed his disgust, smiled and replied, 
'Health food, huh? Sounds good, I could eat a horse,' 
Mary-Lou smiled and said nothing. She was never sure of what she actually served the guests. It was cheap and brought in late at night and that's all she wanted to know. Mary-Lou disappeared swallowed 
by the empty mass of red checker tablecloths. Arthur took the crumbled local paper from the magazine rack. Its headline screamed 'Halloween horror residents butchered, local family missing.' 

Arthur by P.J. Reed Review by Nick Armbrister

Join Arthur, a killer, on his travels. He ends up in Thorny Ridge after a car crash. One he was lucky to survive, for his car is in a tree. This just after he murdered his own wife. His hurried trip through the forest psychotically speaks of his inner workings and what may happen. Leaving the forest, he meets Kai, a youth, who gives Arthur a lift. Arthur spares the youth. Not for mercy but common sense. This is a smart killer. Not some bloodlust madman. Its Arthur's weapon that has bloodlust, like a living creature.
Thorny Ridge seems odd. On the town sign, some comedian has reduced the population by one. In a typical fast food joint with sweaty waitress, greasy food and moody chef, all is not normal. What exactly is the food? The chef is good with his knife and not to be messed with.
The town seems to challenge Arthur. Will he kill and leave his victim in plain sight to gain some notoriety? He wants to be the best murderer. Arthur is scared of something. Is he being pursued by aliens who abduct him? Is this why the 'secret agents' are present in town? Questions unanswered.
And who is the suited man who observes and seems a good soul? Having previously saved a girl. Another agent for someone/something else?
There is a cost for visiting Thorny Ridge. As Arthur finds out. Read on to find out...


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