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Award Winning Poem

The Winner of The Witching Hour Horror Competition for 2013

The Raven Effect

Love was lost on this black day
When the raven flies away

A soul mates lust is nevermore
The raven’s cry will not restore

Friends who lie we never trust
Avoid the raven it is a must

Past family sins now hope is gone
Bad raven’s luck from dusk till dawn

Success is fleeting it always dies
On raven wings each failure flies

Sorrow arises from wrong decisions
Regrets are many thru raven visions

A midnight curse has much despair
From raven talons that always tear

Memories haunt our body and soul
The raven’s blood will take its toll

Door chamber taps will echo eternal
A raven’s quoth is forever nocturnal

The raven effect fills us up with dread
Leaving us broken and lonely and dead

By Bryon Richard Smith ©2013


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