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The Statue

Trees stood dark against the sky,
Branches rattled a war cry,
Howling wind ran through the trees,
Stealing dark, decaying leaves.
Hurling twigs against gnarled bark,
Strange sounds echoed in the dark;
Bowing branch taps sleeping tomb,
White mist rises in the gloom.

Shiny truck with glaring light,
Waking spirits in the night,
White washed headstones frowned and glared,
While iron statue turned and stared.
The truck rocked with heavy beat,
Masked the sound of dragging feet,
Iron statue, dripping red, 
Woken from its earthly bed.

Young man smoothed his lover's face,
Falling into fond embrace,
As setting sun oozed and bled
Shrouding all in shades of red.
Grass crunched under heavy tread,
Flowers shook with quiet dread
Roosting rooks cawed in fright,
As statue hunted in the night.

Scabbard clanked on iron plate,
Eyes glowed through mask of hate.
One arm raised in angry fist,
Iron hook glinting in the mist.
Both lovers jolted with fear…
As screeching scrape came from the rear.
Tall man cursed and hurried out,
Dark shadows lurking all about…..

Empty silence fell too fast
As eerie sounds stopped at last.
Pale mist gently rolled away,
With the fiery red of day
The truck swayed with nervous sounds
As on the roof dead branch pounds,
Ancient fallen soldiers slept;
From the truck, his lover crept.

Not looking back, he ran home
Hurt he had been left alone.
Running through the sleeping dead,
Past statue of dripping red,
His thoughts racing for lost love,
Now swaying from branch above.
Gently moving with the breeze,
As gate slams shut.
No trespassers, please.

by P.J. Reed ©2010

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"Innovative poem!"

"I've never walked in the hard shoes of a statue before. It would need... a face... in place... to start,... a heart,... a mind,... a love who's kind...." by Ethereal

"Another lovely very twisted but very true poem I love the pictures my mind shows me when I'm reading your poetry it gives the reader a very vivid dark mysterious images and an eerie feeling...." by Ravenluna 69

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