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P.J. Reed
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“Ideal for Halloween. Beautifully written book of wicked horror poems.”

The Wicked Come is a collection of Dark Romantic, Fantasy and Gothic Horror poetry from the speculative writer and poet P.J. Reed.

The poems in this collection are beautifully descriptive, well-crafted snapshots of the lives of people inhabiting the shadowlands of civilised society.

This collection is an exploration of the darker side of humanity. The consequences of one-sided love affairs and how obsession can easily turn to murder. It explores the aftermath of when sanity crashes against madness.

Readers of P.J. Reed’s work are introduced to a variety of characters inhabiting a dystopian society: the gourmet detective, the doctor with unusual hobbies, the unnatural gardener, and the too ardent lovers. Each character has their own dark tale to share, their lives unravelling before the reader in minimalistic, deadly verses. 

The Wicked Come also delves into the realm of the supernatural, with twists and visions of a fascinating world just beyond our perception.

An Excerpt - Dream Girl

She floats
Outside my window.
Calls softly
In my dreams.
Tells me I am
Not alone.
Black dress fluttering
All about her.
Glowing face of
Finest Silk.
Watching me through
Shimmery veil.
Scratches window with
Sharpened nails.
Bright eyes begging,
Long tongue licking
Caressing blackened
Rosebud lips.
Waking in a
Dreaming world,
I open window
She flies

Vision of beauty.
A waning moon.
Drawn from cracks
Inside my mind.
Beckons me with
Long sleeve flapping.
To creaky windowsill.
She jumps
Into darkness.
Sounds of flight.
I follow
Desperate to belong.
Gusts of hope
Blow by.
I jump.
I fall.
The path bleeds red.
As smiling sweetly,
She swoops
To feed.

By P.J. Reed 


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The Wicked Come by P.J. Reed

48 pages

Lost Tower Publications

January 2012


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Review by Sapphire

'An evil little book featuring the strange and sinister. I really enjoyed these wicked little poems' by Sapphire