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Valentine Memories

she rose wrapped in happy thoughts
memories of their skyping love
passion told in emoji’s
and nightly rendezvous

she rose and decorated
her soft body for his joy
rouged and ready to FaceTime-
he was her waking thought

she pressed the glowing button
as her black screen flickered blue
the message box was empty
her heart shattered into two

she searched his page, lived his life
explored his ex-wife's postings
of Valentine vow renewals
on a distant sun-drenched beach

happiness froze within her
she was just his sex chat doll
he used her and dismissed her
as he blocked her from his life

she clicked on a bulging folder
posted love shots everywhere
bagged and tagged his private parts
in frames of falling hearts

   then watched as comments tumbled
   and his online world crumbled

by P.J. Reed © 2016


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